Trafficking in Women/Human Trafficking

Trafficking in women is a form of human trafficking that specifically affects women and that occurs in domestic, European and international contexts.

The United Nations define human trafficking as form of exploitation in which persons are coerced into forced labour or sexual exploitation. A human trafficker is somebody who uses force or coercion to recruit, transport, or harbour other persons for purposes such as sexual exploitation, slavery, or the removal of organs. Women and children are, globally considered, particularly vulnerable to become victims of human trafficking.

Risks of Migration

Women who leave their home country for various reasons are particularly affected by human trafficking. The causes of the migration of women often lie in the economic situation and poverty in the countries of origin, in a lack of personal and professional perspectives, but also in political crises and armed conflicts.

Migration seems to open new income opportunities to women. However, women frequently have to endure exploitative working conditions and health risks, human trafficking, economic and sexual exploitation, and racist discrimination. Human trafficking is a violation of the chartered human rights of women.