Violence Against Women with Disabilities

Disabled and impaired women are highly vulnerable to become victims of violence. It is not uncommon that they experience physical, psychological and sexualised violence by care and support staff, both in the domestic sphere and in facilities. Disabled women are often not perceived as victims of violence, and their right to self-determination is called into question.

Handbook for Making Initial Contact

Together with the Federal Association of Rape Crisis Centres and Women’s Counselling Centres, and the association Weibernetz, FHK has published a handbook for the initial contact with disabled women affected by violence (in German). The handbook particularly addresses staff members working at women’s shelters, counselling centres, emergency hotlines, and intervention centres, and it is intended to facilitate the counselling work with disabled women who are affected by violence. The political advocacy group Weibernetz e.V. is particularly committed to issues concerning disabled and impaired women, lesbians, and girls in Germany.

Further information

“Life situations of and pressures on disabled women in Germany”, representative study drafted by the University of Bielefeld on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, Berlin 2012.