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Emergency Aid in Cases of Violence

Translation in 11 languages:

الحماية من العنف | Protection from violence | Protection contre la violence | Ochrona przed przemocą | Protecção contra a violência | Защита от насилия | Zastita protiv nasilja | Protección contra la violencia | การป้องกันความรุนแรง | Şiddetten korunma | Bảo vệ chống bạo lực

You are affected by violence, or you feel threatened? In this section, you can find information on services that offer protection, aid and support throughout Germany.

The aid system for women comprises women’s shelters as well as specialised counselling centres. Moreover, there are services addressed at women who are threatened by violence and discrimination in several respects. For example, disabled women, refugee women, or women with migration background. 

In cases of acute threat, police and judicial system are obliged to protect the persons concerned. The nationwide helpline “Violence against Women” and other telephone and online counselling services also offer emergency aid and support.